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Orquestrina Trama was set up in early 2013 between the Cerdanya and Alt Urgell areas. The members of the group are young people closely linked to the traditional music and culture of the Pyrenees, as we have had the privilege of living, growing up and staying in the region.

The spring from which our repertoire flows is the Pyrenees. The pieces we play have traditional roots but have passed through the filter of the energetic style that characterizes us.

As our cultural identity is primarily the Pyrenees, our repertoire contains music from all over the region: Catalonia, Andorra, the Basque Country, Occitania and Aragon. Alongside this we also play our own compositions.

A show in the form of a concert and dance: apart from listening to us, anybody who wants to can join the party by dancing, in couples and in groups, to our repertoire, which includes paso dobles, mazurkas, schottisches, circles, rondeaux and chapelloises. We can perform with a dance caller to liven up the atmosphere in front of the stage. If necessary we can go out into the street and fill it with music, moving around and stopping in different places to dance and interact with the audience.