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AIGA is a stage show inspired by the artistic potential of our everyday surroundings. It involves staging interventions in non-prepared settings that have some relation with water.

The symbolic use of water conveys the artistic expressiveness of everything through the question: can art take up such an important and at the same time unexpected place in people’s lives as water does?

The original source of inspiration of my project was the need to convey to the audience the intensity with which the pools in the Pyrenean streams of my native region of Catalonia, where we bathed in the long summer afternoons, spoke to me through their shapes, colours and sounds.

In this phase of my project I want to work in theoretical and practical terms on the idea that art, like water, is an inseparable part of our everyday landscape, and to show this I propose interventions in places like public fountains, former textile mills and other venues that relate art with different human activities.

The name of this show refers to the way the inhabitants of some parts of the Catalan Pyrenees and foothills pronounce the Catalan word for water, aigua, dropping the “u” in the second syllable to make it sound like “AIGA!”. A form well-known and used by the performers and creators of the project as natives of the region of the Catalan Pyrenees.

My project is based on the idea that things express themselves naturally if watched carefully, and this reflection allows one to detect, in the most mundane things, unique, unrepeatable events that awaken our gaze and connect the everyday surroundings of our society with art.

AIGA explores to what extent art can be found in any pot, any stream, pool, treatment plant or dump, and to what extent this art reaches us at different times and in different forms.

Inseparable from life, art is the drop of water, the babble of the drain and the stream of cold water that baptises us every morning.

The river can also be a metaphor for life. It begins and ends. But the river continues to flow. Life is renewed. No drop is the same as the last. The life of women. — Jordi Suñé Morales.