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Inspired by music from the mountains, poems by Jacint Verdaguer, newly-written texts and songs, legends from the oral tradition and festivities that are still very much alive around the Pyrenees.

The youth and enthusiasm of Orquestrina Trama, made up of people from the Cerdanya and Urgell areas and the experience and stage language of 43 years of putting the sun into Comediants’ baggage, come together to sing and put into images, sounds and actions some of the legends and festivities that make up Pyrenean life and traditions, a fabulous store of customs of our country.

In theatrical form we sing of the legend of Pyrene, with the clash between the giant Gerion and the hero Heracles, the latter’s victory and how the hero falls in love, the nymph dies and the grave where he buries her becomes the Pyrenees. We also perform other versions of how the mountain range was formed, making the audience take part as menairons, tiny creatures who pile up mountains.

The show sets out to remind us of where we come from and to celebrate in a festive way how our ancestors experienced the rhythms of nature of which we form part.