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MAGARI is a traditional music duet created between the Cerdanya and Alt Urgell areas of the Catalan Pyrenees. This group steeped in Pyrenean music and culture is currently busy making a record of the different dances performed today on the traditional music scene in the Pyrenees and southern Europe.

Inspired by the dance music played in days gone by in village squares across the Pyrenees, the repertoire includes pieces with traditional roots and new compositions crafted within the original structures of the different dances, allowing us to give a show in the format of a concert and dance.

Apart from listening to us, anybody who wants to can join the party by dancing, in couples and in groups, to our repertoire, which includes paso dobles, mazurkas, schottisches, circles, rondeaux and chapelloises. We can perform with a dance caller to liven up the atmosphere in front of the stage.